Employment Separation Agreement Confidentiality

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Employment Separation Agreement Confidentiality: What You Need to Know

When an employee and company part ways, it`s common for them to enter into an employment separation agreement. This document outlines the terms of the separation, including any benefits or compensation for the employee. However, one crucial aspect of an employment separation agreement is confidentiality.

Confidentiality clauses in employment separation agreements are essential to protecting both the employee and employer. These clauses prohibit either party from disclosing confidential information about the company, its clients, or the separation agreement itself. Here`s what you need to know about confidentiality in employment separation agreements.

What is Confidential Information?

Confidential information can include anything that the company considers to be private or sensitive. This might include trade secrets, financial information, client lists, or proprietary technology. In the context of an employment separation agreement, confidential information may also include the terms of the separation agreement itself.

Why is Confidentiality Important?

Confidentiality is important for a variety of reasons. From the employer`s perspective, they want to protect their confidential information from being shared with competitors or the public. On the other hand, the employee may want to safeguard their reputation or protect themselves from legal action.

Confidentiality also ensures that both parties can move on from the separation without any negative repercussions. If either party was to disclose confidential information, it could damage the reputation of the company or the employee.

What are the Consequences of a Breach of Confidentiality?

If one party breaches the confidentiality clause, there can be serious consequences. The party that breached the agreement could face legal action, including lawsuits and damages. Breaching confidentiality could also result in termination or revocation of any benefits or compensation included in the separation agreement.

How to Ensure Confidentiality in an Employment Separation Agreement

To ensure confidentiality in an employment separation agreement, both parties should carefully review the agreement and understand their obligations. The confidentiality clause should be specific and clearly outline what information is considered confidential.

It`s also important to ensure that the agreement is legally binding. An experienced attorney can help draft the separation agreement and ensure that the confidentiality clause is enforceable.


Confidentiality is an essential aspect of employment separation agreements. It protects both parties from any negative consequences and ensures that confidential information is not shared. If you`re entering into an employment separation agreement, make sure to carefully consider the confidentiality clause and understand your obligations.

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